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Since 1996

Athletic Performance Training

Clinicians at Kootenay Health Services have significant experience working with a variety of athletes as well as with occupational performance training and testing. Our assessment and programming offer individuals the opportunity to maximize performance and reduce injury risk. We believe strongly in providing fundamental activity structure and programming for youth and adults alike so they are not only able to perform at their best, but more importantly have a positive and life long lasting experience with physical activity and sports.

We extensively use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y-balance test to analyze movement patterns and injury risk. We provide targeted corrective exercises, mobility techniques and sport specific programming. Our goal is to keep you on the field, on the job, and in the “game” with optimal performance. We strive to not only rehabilitate your injury but to identify risk of injury BEFORE it happens!

Clients have exclusive access to the FMS exercise programming software to view their individual programs. They are also provided with a summary of their FMS screen and Y-Balance test results in comparison with gender, age, and sport specific norms.

Our KHS Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists and Sports Medicine Physician all work collaboratively within the clinic as well as with coaches and health professionals.