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Clinic Location

Kootenay Health Services Inc. is located in Nelson, British Columbia, in a heritage building that is the oldest church in town. Our address is 602 Kootenay Street. Kootenay Health Services Inc. is located one block from the Best Western Hotel.


Our clinic is wheelchair accessible from the entrance.

The KHS Clinic

The 5500 square foot facility is well equipped with designated assessment areas, private treatment rooms, private gym and shower facilities, assessment tools (including numerous standardized functional assessments) and treatment modalities (including IMS, Manual Therapy, on-site hand splinting and fluidotherapy).

Private Treatment Rooms

Kootenay Health Services has private treatment rooms for clinical assessment and treatment.

Clinicians do not double book clients.

Private Gym

KHS offers a large, well-equipped private gym.

Hand Land

Hand Therapists provide treatment in Hand Land. KHS Hand Therapists provide individualized treatment with highly specialized equipment including fluidotherapy, wound care, on-site custom splinting and adjustments.

Conference Room & Private Offices

KHS has a large conference room to carry out team meetings in a private setting. Clinicians work in a private office area to complete report writing and have telephone discussions with various stakeholders.


There is parking near the building for all-day and 2 hr. time periods.

Educational Resources

KHS staff have access to current educational resources including scholarly journals, and teaching tools such as a full skeleton and individual sets of bones.

What People Are Saying

I’ve been to Kootenay Health Services for Physio treatments with Justin over the last three years and he has helped me recover from small injuries and regain my active lifestyle.
This past week during the Covid-19 pandemic I re-injured my back and was skeptical when offered an on-line session. Justin was able to diagnose my problem accurately and lead me through stretches and exercises that have relieved my pain and discomfort and increased my mobility. I never would have guessed that this could work so well. Today I ran around with my partners grandkids and felt fine only 3 days after my session with Justin.

Kim Bater

We are so fortunate to have Kootenay Health Services in Nelson. Whether I'm going for physiotherapy, massage therapy, spin or kettlebell classes, I'm always treated with respect and appreciation. This is a multi-service clinic like none other.

Robyn and Craig's vision of their clinic is a reflection of the passion they have for healing their clients in a welcoming and unintimidating space.

Cheryl Côté

Kootenay Health has provided an amazing location for me to gain knowledge and make improvements in my fitness and overall body function. Giving exercise plans, resources and treatments that focus on areas that may need improvement. All these things apply to physical activity. I have personally noticed huge benefits in the sports I focus on. The staff at Kootenay Health are amazing! Very welcoming, encouraging, kind and knowledgeable. I owe a massive thanks to Kootenay Health for everything they have done for me and their role in helping me reach my goals!

Nate Atkins

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