Clinic Location

Kootenay Health Services Inc. is located in Nelson, B.C., in a heritage building along Highway 3A. Our address is Suite 205 – 625 Front Street.We are 0.5 km from the Greyhound bus stop, and 0.5 km from Baker Street, where there are many restaurants and accommodations. Kootenay Health Services Inc. is located one block from the Nelson and District Aquatic Centre. Kootenay Health Services Inc. is located one block from the Prestige Hotel and 2 blocks from Baker Street Hotels.

Hand Land

Hand Therapists provide treatment in Hand Land. KHS Hand Therapists provide individualized treatment with highly specialized equipment including fluidotherapy, wound care, on-site custom splinting and adjustments.


Our clinic is wheelchair accessible from the entrance at the back of the building which leads to an elevator. We have entrances on Front and Hall Streets which lead to staircases.

Conference Room and Private Offices

KHS has a large conference room to carry out team meetings in a private setting.
Clinicians work in a private office area to complete report writing and have telephone discussions with various stakeholders.

The KHS Clinic

The 3600 square foot facility is well equipped with designated assessment areas, private treatment rooms, private gym and shower facilities, assessment tools (including numerous standardized functional assessments) and treatment modalities (including IMS, Manual Therapy, on-site hand splinting and fluidotherapy).


We have a designated client parking area behind our building (stalls 1, 2 and 3 on the map), and are close to free parking areas on the street in front the airport and the Prestige hotel. Alternatively, clients may choose metered parking on Front or Hall Street.

Private Treatment Rooms

Kootenay Health Services has private treatment rooms for clinical assessment and treatment.
Clinicians do not double book clients.

Educational Resources

KHS staff have access to current educational resources including scholarly journals, and teaching tools such as a full skeleton and individual sets of bones.

Private Gym

KHS offers a large, well-equipped private gym.