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Tendon Talk!

What is tendinopathy? And why don’t we use the term tendinitis anymore? Tendinopathy means tendon dysfunction, and more accurately describes what is happening in a painful tendon. Inflammation is not always present…
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A New Page in History for Nelson’s Oldest Church

We are back for in person appointments! Did you know that we moved into our new clinic at 602 Kootenay Street in April of 2019. We renovated the oldest church in Nelson…

What People Are Saying

I am so thankful that Kootenay Health Services has been there to support me through this time of COVID-19 reduced services. I have had two video treatment sessions with the physiotherapist Craig, who was able to assess and monitor my condition and design a treatment plan. It has been a seamless transition from face to face visits at the office, to online consultation/assessments. I have had two video exercise therapy sessions with the kinesiologist Robyn, I used the exercise videos she organized from our session, and could refer to them as I did my exercises daily. I have never been more committed to my injury recovery. The experience has exceeded my expectations.

Eric Sollid

We are so fortunate to have Kootenay Health Services in Nelson. Whether I'm going for physiotherapy, massage therapy, spin or kettlebell classes, I'm always treated with respect and appreciation. This is a multi-service clinic like none other.

Robyn and Craig's vision of their clinic is a reflection of the passion they have for healing their clients in a welcoming and unintimidating space.

Cheryl Côté