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Massage Therapy

For centuries, massage therapy has been used to ease muscular tension, decrease pain, and promote relaxation. In the past 50 years, Massage has now developed into a regulated health profession in British Columbia.

Massage therapists are trained in the treatment and rehabilitation of many common injuries and conditions such as repetitive strain and tendinopathies, TMJ dysfunction, sprains(ligament tears), strains, back injuries, frozen shoulder, whiplash, and tension headaches, among many other conditions. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other systemic conditions, in addition to nerve entrapment such as carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, and thoracic outlet syndrome are conditions massage therapy may help to alleviate pain and dysfunction. Massage therapy is also a great way prevent injuries at work, in sports, and in everyday activities. Together, we can work together in creating a pain-free state that assists you in living your life.

Massage Therapy

Your treatment time will include an interview and assessment, the treatment portion, and home-care. The interview and assessment provide the therapist with more pieces of the puzzle, allowing them to consider the entirety of your person as they make up a treatment plan. The treatment portion will include a specific massage which has been discussed prior to treatment to target problematic tissues. As for home-care, performing exercises at home is the best way to achieve a state of being that is more suited for your lifestyle. Your therapist will provide your with stretches, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy, as well as tips that may improve your activities of daily living.

Your massage therapist may use a variety of techniques such as:

  • Myofascial release techniques – Involves working with the connective tissue of the body and reducing areas of restrictions.
  • Joint mobilizations – Helps to improve the range of motion of a joint as well as help to decrease restrictions at and around a joint.
  • Visceral manipulation – Consists of reducing restrictions around organs since when irritated, will have an effect on muscles and joints surrounding it.
  • Cranial sacral techniques – Involves gentle pressure to help reduce restrictions around your nervous system.
  • Trigger point therapy – Aids in decreasing pain and chronic tension.
  • Swedish massage – Involves kneading and stroking of muscles to aid in lengthening of the tissue.

Whether you need specific treatment, or relaxation, massage therapy may be of benefit to you.


Massage Therapy