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Injury or disease in your hands can affect your ability to work and play!

If you have a hand, wrist or elbow injury, consider seeking treatment with a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

What is a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)?

A CHT has completed a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience, 4000 hours of treatment of hand related injuries, and has devoted months of study and advanced training in order to pass the international CHT examination. The CHT credential offers the public assurance that the therapist has achieved the highest international recognition to treat upper extremity injuries.


At Kootenay Health Services we have a Certified Hand Therapist: Craig Sully, BScPT, FCAMPT, CGIMS, CHT.

Hand Therapy Treatment

Hand Therapy includes consultation and/or treatment provided by a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) for a variety of hand, wrist and elbow disorders.

Treatment includes:

• Early intervention post traumatic injury & post surgery

Custom splinting for:

• Immobilization & protection

• Increase range of motion

• Joint & soft tissue mobilizations – improve mobility & function

• Scar management & wound care

• Joint protection education

• Ergonomic education

• Therapeutic activities for strength and dexterity & range of motion

Hand Therapists

Craig Sully