About Us

Kootenay Health Services Inc. (KHS) is Nelson, BC’s Institute for Sport, Health, and Rehabilitation. We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary clinic. Staff clinicians are highly experienced in their specific areas of interest. KHS is comprised of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Hand Therapists, Ergonomists, a Physician, a Sports Medicine Physician, a Psychologist, and Support Staff. Due to the multifaceted nature of our services, KHS serves the large geographical area of the East and West Kootenays.


Since 1996, KHS (formerly Kootenay Rehabilitation Services Inc.) has significantly expanded the clinic and services in order to meet the growing needs of our clientele. Robyn Clark (co-owner since 2001) and Craig Sully (co-owner since 2006) operate KHS with vision and dedication to providing leading-edge rehabilitation and fitness performance services.

Return to work: From the clinic to the worksite, our experienced clinicians provide assessment and intervention to assist individuals to get back to work.

Recovery: We treat a diverse range of injuries with an evidence-based approach for the fastest and most durable rehabilitation.

Athletic Performance: Our clinicians have high levels of training in sport-related assessment, treatment, and programming to not only keep you active in your sport but to enhance your performance.

Mission Statement

Kootenay Health Services Inc. is a group of highly experienced health professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive, evidence-based services in the areas of health, fitness, and rehabilitation to individuals who have experienced injury, disease or disability.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality interventions and services to assist our clients in achieving physical and mental health, durable return to work, and exceptional health and fitness for life.


Kootenay Health Services Inc. is a progressive company that strives to maintain high standards of treatment in keeping with the latest research. We promote a clinic setting that supports a team approach. Clinicians and support staff offer diverse skill sets and rich, vibrant personalities.

Why Choose Us

We have been health and fitness innovators since 1996. KHS is proud to offer clinical services of the highest standards that are in keeping with the latest research and ‘best practice’ methods. Our staff members are always striving to increase their clinical knowledge through higher education such as graduate studies, specialized courses and certifications, conferences, and regular staff in-services. We have extensive clinic space and leading-edge equipment.